Home Updates

Updating your home is one thing that will never stop being rewarding. There are plenty of Home Updates that cost very little, however increase the value of your home greatly.

Home Update

Kitchen Updates

There are many upgrades available to the kitchen without doing a complete renovation. A Kitchen is by far the most expensive room to renovate, so if you can update it without renovating, it will save you a ton of money in the end.

Cabinet Refacing

New kitchen cabinets can run you anywhere from $3,000-$20,000+ depending on the style, size of your kitchen, and how custom or standard you want your new kitchen. If your cabinets are outdated but you are happy with your current layout, you should consider refacing your cabinets. This is a great update especially in conjunction with new cabinet doors however, can be done on its own if you are happy with your doors. Refacing your cabinets basically consists of adding a new wooden frame on the front on your cabinet carcass’ which can be painted or stained based on what you are looking for. This is very popular choice when cabinets merely just have a wooden veneer making them look very cheap.

New Cabinet Doors

Building new cabinet doors is a great way to cover up old cabinets. Again, this works best in conjunction with cabinet refacing but again can be done on its own. So, if you are happy with your kitchen layout but not the look; building new cabinet doors can make it look like a brand new kitchen.

Hardware Update

Often hardware becomes outdated rather than the cabinets/doors themselves, or perhaps you are just looking for a change. Updating your hardware is a fast and easy task that can be done by yourself and probably cost less than $400 depending on the size of your kitchen.

Update / Add Mouldings

If you have outdated trim mouldings consider updating them to a more contemporary profile or finish. Consider updating Light Valances, Door and Window Casing, Crown Moulding, Baseboard Trim, and any other trim pieces your kitchen may have. Trim can go a long way to defining a space, so it is good to keep them current.

Also consider adding any of these trim mouldings if you kitchen will allow.

Paint/Remove Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper and painting is a very cost effective update. This is probably the best update that you will see a return on when it comes time to sell your home.

Bathroom Updates

Bathroom Renovations tend to be considerably less than a kitchen renovation, however they are still costly, so it is nice to update without renovating.

Update Hardware

Updating the hardware on your vanity, towel racks, toilet paper holders and other hardware can definitely take a room out of a different era. This tend to be easy DIY tasks and can go a long way for keeping your bathroom up to date.

Update Fixtures

There are certainly a surplus of fixtures in the bathroom, so there is no shortage of selection for updating. Update an old light fixture, upgrade an old 12L toilet to a 6L or Dual Flush, upgrade the trim kits on your shower, upgrade your sink and taps.

Most of these jobs are for a trained professional, however can be extremely cost effective.


Spruce up your bathroom with a fresh new paint colour. Can definitely be handled by yourself and is the best way to update your bathroom.

General Updates

General Home updates can be applied to basically every room in the house including the Kitchen and Bath. Home Updates can be applied in stages and can gradually transform your home over time. It is a great way to update your home if a full upscale renovation is not in the budget.

Update / Add Mouldings

Updating the baseboard trim, door and window casing, and even the crown moulding will go the distance for home updates. With so many options today, you can go with the current standard of white MDF trim which looks very modern, or custom wooden mouldings which look amazing in the correct environment. With so many choices this is a very easy upgrade to commit too.


Consider adding wainscoting to your home for classy wall treatment. There are various wainscoting styles to fit the style of your home.


Upgrade your floors: Turn vinyl to stone tiles, carpet to hardwood. Hardwood and Stone are among the best choices for flooring.


Painting is always the easiest and best cost effective way to upgrade your home.

Update Wall Plates / Light Fixtures

Update old duplex electrical wall plugs and switches with new decor switches for a classy look. Update old light fixtures for a more modern look.

Update Man doors

Update your old boring doors to a new raised or flat panel door. These upgrades will not go unnoticed and can be done in a day with very little mess.