Frequently Asked Questions

Browse this page to answer any questions regarding our cabinet construction, trim work or any of our services, if you are unable to find the answer to your question feel free to use the contact section.

What sets your work apart from other carpentry companies?

We take pride in our work; not overlooking any of the fine details. That means serious planning and preparation, excellent execution, and flawless finishes. We strive to keep our customers happy.

How long does a custom kitchen take once an order is placed?

Actual length varies on the size of the kitchen. A custom kitchen can take anywhere from 2-4 months for the cabinets and doors to be built, stained and finished.

What makes a cabinet from Follow the Grain better quality verses a big box store cabinet?

It all starts with material. We use a veneer core plywood for our cabinets rather than a particle core which you will most likely see from a Big Box Store. Veneer core plywood will make the cabinet twice as strong and water resistant than a particle core.

In addition to the material we make full boxes rather then strap the top and back of the cabinet increasing the strength and appearance. Another reason our cabinets stand out from the others is we use a 1-1/2” face frame of solid stock rather then ironing on a veneered edge. The combination of materials, joinery and top of the line adhesives make for a very strong cabinet with incredible aesthetics.

What kind of counter tops do you offer?

We offer custom formica counter tops which are excellent for kitchens, bathrooms, & laundry rooms. Wood counter tops are also available in a variety of different standard and exotic types of wood which are more suited for bathroom vanities, breakfast bars, and tables.

We also have excellent and reliable suppliers for a wide range of counter tops including Granite, Marble, Quartz etc.

My walls aren’t square. Is this a problem for baseboard trim?

This is not an issue, the majority of walls aren’t square. This is why we cope our inside corners rather than attempting a miter and trying to make the joint look good with caulking. Caulking is meant to make a very good cut look perfect. If the work is sub par caulking will not be able to properly cover up the mistake.

If working with a wood stock that will not be painted, caulking is not an option for an acceptable finish.

What variety of wainscoting do you offer?

We offer a variety of different wainscoting to satisfy all tastes and styles. Wainscoting ranges from things such as mitered trim boxes, bead board and pine board or can be as complex as raised and flat panel wainscoting.

Do you have insurance should a problem arise?

Follow the Grain carpentry is a fully licensed company with WSIB insurance to cover any injuries to workers working on your home or property. We also have private liability insurance to cover any major damage done to your home/property caused by accident as a direct result of one of our workers.