Framing is a building method based around structural members called studs, which provides a stability to the frame which wall coverings are attached, covered by a roof consisting of ceiling joists and sloping rafters which are covered by various sheathing materials to give weather resistance.



From adding or removing a wall, framing rough openings, fireplace surrounds, knee walls, or even strapping; framing is a good start to defining a space. It is the beginning of making a space look great. If you have poorly framed walls you may be able to cover it up, but you can’t hide it. Poor framing will show through the drywall and will only be enhanced by trim; this is one of the many reasons to have good framing. Plumbing and Electrical and any other items are all hidden within the framing so when your house gets dry walled, you have a strong structure to not only hold up your home, but it also conceals all the other important functions of the home.

Load Bearing Wall?

It is very important to know the difference between a load bearing wall verses a wall that bears no load. If you were to remove a load bearing wall without properly supporting the structure, you will have a serious issue on your hands, which is why knowing what to look for in determining a load bearing wall is also very important.

Rough Openings

A proper rough opening is required for doors, windows, pass through s and any other products which require an opening in order to be installed. A good rough opening is very important because if your rough opening is too small your door or window will either be too tight to shim level and plum or it will not fit at all. If your rough opening is too large you will end up using more lumber ripped to custom heights in order to fill the gaps and you will end up leaving less insulation around the windows.


A new fireplace insert requires a properly framed structure around it in order to fasten wood, tiles, or drywall too. It also leaves options for rough openings in order to add some custom cabinet work for television receivers and dvd players.


There are endless possibilities with framing. Knee walls add a great look to a room, and can provide great function in the bathroom. Strapping is required for board and batten but it also comes in handy in many other applications within the framing of your home.