In early days before paint was scrubbable, wainscoting served a very practical purpose by covering the lowest and most vulnerable area of the wall. Adding wood paneling provided an attractive wall treatment tough enough to withstand cleaning and resist any damages due to everyday use.



Even with modern paint and wallpapers, wainscoting still serves its intended purpose; used more often because of the way it transforms a dull space into an elegant room by adding interesting detail to walls that don’t otherwise have any built-in character. Wainscoting is definitely one of the more upscale additions of trim carpentry and you can expect a 80-100% return on your investment

Mitered Trim Boxes

The most basic of all the wainscoting mitered trim boxes can really add depth and great detail to your walls. As simple as a piece of trim with a four sided miter to form a box nailed to the wall creates an excellent illusion of depth on your walls.


A variety of different choices when it comes to paneling, with choices or bead board, tongue and groove boards, v-groove and with options of floor to ceiling, half wall paneling capped with some solid stock.

Flat Panel Wainscoting

An excellent way to add character to your walls. Flat panel wainscoting gives you so many options with the ability to use paneling(panels,v-groove, bead board etc) as your flat panel, but it also gives you the option of a full flat panel; which is not available in the paneling. Whichever panel you select the addition of the solid stock rails and stiles with stick and cope joinery creates a very traditional and upscale look.

Raised Panel Wainscoting

Raised panel wainscoting is the best way to add class to your living space. Similar to the flat panel wainscoting; the raised panel wainscoting also features stick and cope joinery but the list of edging options are vast and allow you to add real character to your wainscoting. In addition to the rail and stiles your panel is obviously raised out rather then stuck behind. This choice of wainscoting is obviously the most complicated and expensive, but it is also the most upscale and you’ll see the highest return on your investment