Doors are everywhere around the home. Doors prevent entry to the home, they provide privacy and security of the home, and they add an elegant touch to kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms within the home.


Man doors

Whether you are hanging a pre-fabricated, slab, or custom door. This is just another great way to add value to your home. Interior doors don’t have to be all function and no style, with so many different options it is a great place to show off some design. Before you even get to the room to reveal a beautiful space, you see the door. You can be very creative with the rails, stiles, and the panels in a custom door. Doors can be custom designed to tie into any space. A variety of hanging options are available to suit a certain design, a compact space or simply to have a hanging door available for privacy.

Cupboard door refacing

Kitchen cupboard refacing is a tremendous way to bring your kitchen out of a previous era. If new cupboards aren’t in the budget but something needs to be done, new cabinet doors are the perfect solution. Painting your old doors can only be done so many times and will only take your kitchen so far, new doors are a fairly affordable way to make a kitchen feel brand new.

Access Doors

There are a lot of components to the home which require access but do not necessarily require to be within a finished space. A circuit panel, gas and water shut-offs, electrical junction points are all critical components of the home which require access in case of emergency and are required by code. These points in the home are not the most aesthetically pleasing, however there is no reason for that. Adding doors in front of these points finishes off the space while still maintaining the required access.