Custom Kitchens

The kitchen is the most used room in the house. It only makes sense to build a beautiful kitchen that you can be proud to cook and entertain in.

Custom Kitchens

Custom Kitchens not only give you quality unsurpassed by standard pre-fabricated cabinets they also give you so many additional options that just aren’t available elsewhere. Custom kitchens are built to your needs and specifications.

Why Go Custom?

First of all, you make all the selections when it comes to material, style, finishes, layout etc rather than being bound to pre-fabricated layouts and cabinets.

You receive a far superior product. Solid wood cabinets are much stronger and will stand up over time to regular wear and tear as well as water damage.

Better built cabinets. Our custom cabinets feature a full enclosure including the tops and backs rather than straps used in pre-fabricated cabinets. This makes for a stronger unit and a far more aesthetically pleasing cabinet.

The stronger your cabinets the less likely your granite countertops are to break/crack at the weak unsupported points.

Solid wood drawer boxes rather than metal box frames or melamine.

A variety of door styles and finishes.

Various cabinet accessories available such as spice racks, garbage bin pullouts, pantry racks, inside corner hardware, tray dividers, towel bars, tip out trays, drawer organizers etc.

Installation is included with every kitchen, so you wont have to worry about assembling a pre-fab kitchen with impossible to read instructions and a million screws.

Soft close hardware is used throughout to avoid banging cupboard doors and damage due to misuse.