Custom Fireplaces

Simple firebox, rustic barn beam mantel with stone chimney, elegant fireplace with functional cabinetry are among many popular choices when it comes to installing a new firebox in the home. It is great to start with a general style and make necessary adjustments based on your style and make a Custom Fireplace just the way you like.

Custom Fireplaces

Custom Fireplaces

From contemporary fireplaces encased in wood, with or without cabinets and shelving to rustic stone fireplaces. Each and everybody’s style is different and creating a custom fireplace will create a great focal point within a room.

Natural Gas Fireplace

Canadian winters are cold and adding additional heat sources within the home are a great investment and will give you a great return on the sale of your home. You can add a natural gas stove which will serve the functional purpose as a main or back-up source of heat, or you can add a natural gas fireplace insert and create a spectacular fireplace with wood and stone and not only serve its functional purpose but will look great as well.

Natural Gas and Propane fireplaces are greatly used as a back-up source of heat because it will still be available in situations such as a power outage.

Wood Burning Fireplace

Wood Burning fireboxes can certainly be created into a breathtaking fireplace and mantel. If you are seeking a real rustic looking fireplace with field stones, and a
reclaimed barn beam; a wood burning firebox would fair perfectly.

Wood Burning fireboxes are not very popular due to inconsistent heat, hassle of constantly purchasing and storing wood, dirty method, and high maintenance costs.

Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are growing popular among home owners due to low initial cost, low possibility of combustion, clean, and are a fast easy installation for the Do-It-Yourselfer.

Electric Fireplaces have a real fire like flame to them which is known to be fake by the majority of the population, however they are getting more and more authentic as time passes and will eventually will be tough to tell the difference.

Disadvantages of Electric Fireplaces are a non-authentic looking flame, cost of electric heat tends to be more expensive, and will not be able to reach heat levels of a natural gas firebox.

Propane Fireplace

Propane fireplaces are generally only used where Natural Gas is not available. Natural Gas is run into the home from the city, which is generally not available in rural areas. You will not be able to tell the difference within the home between a propane and a natural gas fireplace, however with propane run fireplaces a large propane tank will have to be placed outside on the property.


Combustion is a huge concern among homeowners when it comes to installing a fireplace within the home. Each fireplace is different and it is important to know the output of each individual firebox. Fireboxes with a low heat output are able to be installed and encased with direct contact with SPF plywood, and SPF lumber. On the other hand fireboxes with potential for high heat output will require steel stud framing, and cement board sheathing to avoid combustion.